Thursday, August 9, 2012

At the airport!

We are finally at the airport! Of course our first flight is delayed (no problem, we have plenty of time at our next stop). Always hurry up and wait. Definitely could've used that extra time this morning when we were trying to make it out the door and decided to do one last weigh-in of our bags just to realize they were all over 50 lbs with our last-minute items. Special thanks to my dad on this one for having every gadget known to man or we would've been on the airport floor re-arranging things and giving spare items to random strangers. We wound up weighing in 2 bags at 50 lbs and 2 bags at 51 lbs (no charge!) - phew!

I'll admit I got teary-eyed saying goodbye to our parents. I think it's partially because this is the longest I have been away ever and also just not being able to pick up the phone and call whenever I want. Either way, I like being around them so I was sad to say goodbye.

Matt is cheering me up now by reading the CDC website for Kenya. I will not walk barefoot on beaches where animals may have defecated or go into mines or caves where there may be bats, I promise!

We will be in Nairobi in about 24 hours....staying overnight and then heading to Chepnyal the next day. Can't wait!

Things I am grateful for as we embark on this journey:
1) Our amazing parents
2) The patience of airline workers who have to put up with lines of cranky people when there are delays
3) That we will soon see our VLM friends!

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