Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It’s been so long – I feel like such a slacker but part of my delay in online journaling is that I’ve been doing a lot of hand-written journaling. So archaic I know – but for some reason once we got back, it has been hard for me to be on the computer all the time. Almost seems too easy with a fast internet here in the States!

The past few months have brought many happy moments: meeting and having dinner with the Daughters of Charity at Sister’s Hospital, the October VLM retreat in Chicago (http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8IatmLZy4cMqq), meeting and having dinner with Fr. Freund, the Buffalo Vincentian gathering in November, and of course, the contact we have kept with the Sister’s in Kenya. It has been both by email and by phone, although the phone conversations are often cut off multiple times because of reception, but that’s ok, we just call right back!

We are excited to be launching our fundraising website very soon – as the adults and children of Kenya remain in our hearts, we know we need to continue to help them. We figured although it may be small, it is our way of showing them we are thinking about them and caring for them from afar. I will post that link as soon as it becomes available…it should be in the next few weeks! 

Matt and I constantly joked throughout 2012 that it was the year of nothing…only because we didn’t do many of our usual Buffalove events, like the Ride for Roswell. I am drawing a blank right now because I know there were many examples that I had from throughout the year but cannot think of them at the moment – probably because the examples themselves are not important. The beginning of the year brought a few major stresses in my life. I can remember being in Adoration feeling helpless and wondering why things were happening the way they were. I've heard the phrase so many times before, but all I can remember from that time now was finally, "letting go and letting God." I can't say it was some huge turnaround in my life, but the beginning of something that will always keep me going. 2012 really was the beginning of many, many great things for me, Matt, and our relationship with one another. Turns out the year of nothing really was the year of something great.

Four things I am so grateful for on this first day of 2013:
1) My husband. He really is awesome. 
2) The love and support we received from our families this year.
3) The best girlfriends - those who are near, and those in Alton, DC, Boston, Detroit and Hawaii whom I miss dearly.
4) Our Vincentian family here in Buffalo and throughout the world, and our friends Raelynne and Nick.