Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good Friends of the Pokot Officially Launched!

So, about four months ago  (you can read about the good reason for my continued delinquency below!) I promised a link to our fundraising website for our Pokot Friends. I am proud to say that after months of hard work, we have launched "Good Friends of the Pokot" which can be found at http://pokotfriends.org/.

What is this website? The simple answer is that it is our way of continuing our service to the people and children of Chepnyal, Kenya. While there were many projects we could have assisted with, we decided to focus on education this year. I invite you to take a look at the website (http://pokotfriends.org), read about our projects and ask that you consider donating to our cause. All contributions will go directly toward the completion of the projects detailed. U.S. Dollars go a LONG way in Kenya, so no amount is too small! If you are unable to donate, we would be grateful if you could simply keep our Pokot friends in your thoughts and prayers!

After a really long day yesterday, I received a note from one of the Sister's in Thigio, Kenya which totally turned my day around and made me so happy to read. It was a response to a thank you note I had written to her for the baby blanket she knitted for our newest, upcoming family member, Baby A (Baby A as in Baby Astridge, not Baby A as in there are two - since twins do run in my family!). So our focus, while still dedicated to service to those in need, has shifted slightly to prepare ourselves for becoming parents! Good excuse for taking so long right?

Family Shower Day

Cake from my work shower -
of course it has a Giraffe, Elephant
and Monkey on it!
This was a cake one of Matt's co-workers made...
loved the baby nose-diving into the cake!
Other than the preparation and excitement surrounding our upcoming arrival, we also were able to hang out with Nick and Raelynne in February and meet some of the 2013 VLM who are current St. John's students! That was a really great trip and was so nice to spend time with everyone.

A special thanks to Kevin Manne and Buffalo Business for featuring our work in their alumni magazine! Here is a link to that article for anyone interested: http://mgt.buffalo.edu/sites/magazine/features/astridge.html

Things I am grateful for today:
1) Launching the Good Friends of the Pokot Website and continuing to support our efforts in Africa.
2) A healthy little baby who likes to kick its momma.
3) Looking back and having relief and thorough gratitude for the safe presidential elections that took place in Kenya back in March.

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